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Joe Biden’s obsession with hunter coverage has White House aides spooked [10 VIDEOS]

Joe Biden’s obsession with hunter coverage has White House aides spooked [10 VIDEOS]

President Joe Biden’s concern over how his son, Hunter Biden, is portrayed in the media has reached new heights, causing unrest among his White House staff.

According to experts, the president is hyperaware of all media stories related to Hunter and reacts quickly, often expressing his displeasure at the negative coverage. This level of involvement in Hunter’s press coverage is said to be more than a parental concern; it is seen as a distraction from more pressing issues facing the country.

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As a result of the president’s heightened sensitivity, many aides have grown wary of even mentioning Hunter’s name during briefings or discussions. This hesitancy can prevent open dialogue about possible policy ramifications or strategies for addressing related issues.

Hunter Biden has long been a controversial figure, with his foreign business dealings and personal choices constantly in the headlines. Critics argue that his actions and subsequent media coverage have potential implications for national security and the integrity of the presidential office.

President Biden’s apparent inability to compartmentalize his personal feelings from his professional responsibilities is causing murmurs of concern. Many feel that the supposed leader of the free world should be more focused on national and global challenges than being consumed by the media’s portrayal of his crime family.

I wonder why he is obsessed…

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