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Joe Biden’s Border wall failure

Joe Biden’s Border wall failure

Are you concerned about the future of border security? We understand your worries because we share them too. In fact, did you know that President Joe Biden promised to halt construction of Trump’s border wall? However, what we’ve discovered through our research might surprise you. Despite this promise, the Biden administration has faced criticism for continuing wall construction in certain areas. Now, let’s dive into an analysis of Biden’s border wall failure and explore its potential impact on our nation. Hold onto your seats!

Overview of Joe Biden’s stance on the border wall

Joe Biden’s approach to the border wall issue diverges significantly from his predecessor, Donald Trump. Upon entering office, Biden aimed to halt construction of the infamous wall that had become a symbol of Trump’s immigration policies.

As part of this shift in policy, he redirected funds initially allocated for the project by the Department of Defense under an executive order. However, despite initial promises to terminate the project entirely, reports suggest some construction has continued under his administration.

This includes work aimed at filling gaps in the existing structure left behind after halting Trump’s plans and maintaining portions already built for better border security. Nevertheless, this strategy has faced staunch opposition from groups such as Texas Republicans who are critical of what they perceive as inadequate attention towards stemming illegal immigration and narcotics trafficking across US-Mexico border.

Biden’s Border Wall Policies

Joe Biden made a promise to halt the construction of Trump’s border wall, but has faced criticism for continuing wall construction despite this pledge.

Promise to halt construction of Trump’s border wall

Joe Biden took a stand against the border wall initially built during Trump’s administration. Swiftly moving in as President, he issued an executive order on day one to halt the construction of this divisive structure.

Aimed at bridging political divisions and reforming immigration policies, his action signified a drastic shift from his predecessor’s viewpoint.

However, despite the lofty promises made during campaign trails and early days of his presidency, the reality seems starkly different. The Department of Defense reported continued efforts towards filling gaps in the existing barriers.

This raised many brows and attracted criticism from both sides of the aisle. Thus, while trumpeting about termination or pause with so much conviction earlier on, actions taken showed otherwise – underscoring perhaps a more complex situation than was anticipated.

Criticism for continuing wall construction

Critics have voiced their disapproval of Joe Biden’s decision to continue the construction of the border wall. Many argue that this contradicts his promise to halt the project initiated by Trump.

The opposition asserts that continuing wall construction is a waste of taxpayer money and does little to address the underlying issues driving immigration challenges. Additionally, some Texas Republicans have expressed concerns about gaps in the wall, which they believe compromise border security.

Overall, there is growing criticism surrounding Biden’s decision to continue building the border wall despite his campaign promise.

Analysis of Biden’s Border Wall Failure

Biden’s Border Wall Failure can be analyzed through several key factors such as filling in wall gaps, opposition from Texas and Republicans, and the failure to address immigration challenges.

Filling in wall gaps

The failure of Joe Biden’s border wall is evident in the ongoing completion of wall gaps along the US-Mexico border. Despite promising to halt construction, his administration has faced criticism for continuing this controversial project.

These gaps not only highlight Biden’s broken promise but also contribute to opposition from Texas and Republicans who believe that a secure border is essential for national security.

By failing to address these gaps, Biden has neglected an opportunity to tackle illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and other challenges at the southern border.

Opposition from Texas and Republicans

Texas and Republicans have strongly opposed Joe Biden’s border wall policies. Despite halting construction of the wall, the filling in of gaps has faced resistance from Texas officials who argue that it undermines national security and leaves vulnerable areas unprotected.

Republicans share this sentiment, viewing the continuation of wall construction as crucial for maintaining border control and addressing the ongoing immigration challenges. Their opposition highlights the deep political divide on this issue, with Texas and Republicans advocating for stricter enforcement measures to secure the southern border against illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and other threats.

Failure to address immigration challenges

Joe Biden’s failure to address immigration challenges has been a significant point of contention during his presidency. Despite promises to take action on border security, the administration has struggled to effectively address the ongoing immigration crisis.

The lack of a comprehensive strategy and clear policies has resulted in an influx of illegal border crossers, leading to overcrowded detention facilities and increased instances of migrant deaths.

Additionally, the failure to adequately enforce immigration laws has allowed for heightened narcotics trafficking along the US-Mexico border. These failures have not only impacted national security but have also fueled public frustration with the administration’s handling of immigration issues.

Impact of Biden’s Border Wall Failure

The impact of Biden’s border wall failure extends beyond political implications and public perception. It has the potential to compromise border security, exacerbate immigration challenges, and undermine efforts to address the current migration crisis.

Read more to understand the consequences of this failed policy.

Political implications

Joe Biden’s failure to address the border wall issue has significant political implications. The decision to halt construction of Trump’s wall and fill in existing gaps has drawn criticism from Republicans and Texas, who argue that it compromises border security.

This failure to effectively address immigration challenges also impacts public perception of Biden’s administration, as many are concerned about illegal border crossers and drug trafficking.

These political implications could have consequences for future immigration policies and the overall security of the US-Mexico border.

Public perception

Public perception of Joe Biden’s border wall failure is varied. Some view his decision to halt construction of the Trump-era wall as a positive step towards more humane immigration policies.

They believe that focusing on addressing the root causes of migration, such as poverty and violence in Central America, is a better approach than building walls. On the other hand, there are those who criticize Biden for not following through on his promise to completely terminate all construction activities.

They argue that filling in wall gaps and continuing certain projects undermine his commitment to immigration reform. Overall, public opinion on Biden’s handling of the border wall issue reflects differing views on immigration and border security priorities.

Potential consequences for border security

The failure of Joe Biden’s border wall has the potential to negatively impact border security. Without a completed and reinforced barrier, illegal border crossers have easier access into the country, posing serious national security concerns.

The lack of surveillance infrastructure leaves gaps for drug trafficking and other criminal activities along the US-Mexico border. Additionally, the failure to address immigration challenges effectively exacerbates the migration crisis and puts a strain on resources and personnel responsible for immigration enforcement.

This situation calls for urgent attention to ensure proper border control and protect the nation’s security.


In conclusion, Joe Biden’s failure to address the border wall issue has had significant consequences. By halting construction and failing to fill in gaps, he has left our borders vulnerable to illegal immigration, drugs, and other threats.

This failure not only has political implications but also affects public perception of his ability to handle the challenges at hand. It is crucial that effective measures are taken soon to ensure border security and address the ongoing crisis.

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