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Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Alleges ‘Very Dangerous’ Biden ‘Crime Family’ Has ‘Come After Me for 35 Years in a Row’

Title: Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Alleges ‘Very Dangerous’ Biden ‘Crime Family’ Has ‘Come After Me for 35 Years in a Row’


In a recent interview, Bill Stevenson, the ex-husband of current First Lady Jill Biden, made explosive allegations, claiming that the Biden family had targeted him for the past 35 years. Stevenson, who divorced Jill Biden in 1975, asserts that he has been living in constant fear due to what he describes as the Biden family’s “very dangerous” behavior. These claims have created a stir, and while it is important to acknowledge and report on such allegations, it is equally crucial to approach them with critical analysis and skepticism.

The Background

Bill Stevenson’s claims focus on his time as Jill Biden’s husband in the 1970s. Although he provides no concrete evidence to support his allegations, he paints a portrait of the Biden family as a “crime family” that is intentionally targeting him. Stevenson suggests that this alleged targeting has shaped his life for over three decades, leading to feelings of intimidation and fear.

Considering the Accusation

It is essential to approach such claims with a critical eye, particularly when they lack substantiation. To date, neither Jill Biden nor any member of the Biden family has responded publicly to Stevenson’s allegations. Without any evidence, it becomes challenging to validate the seriousness of the accusations or determine their veracity.

The Significance

Bill Stevenson’s allegations must be seen within the context of political discourse, as unfounded claims can be weaponized for political gain. It is not uncommon for individuals to level accusations against powerful figures, particularly during election seasons, in an attempt to smear or discredit them. Therefore, it is important to critically evaluate any such claims before drawing conclusions.

Public Reaction

Predictably, Stevenson’s allegations garnered significant attention from both sides of the political spectrum. Supporters of the Biden family reject the claims as baseless and politically motivated, while critics of the family champion them as further evidence of a hidden agenda. The public response reflects the charged and polarized nature of contemporary American politics rather than necessarily reflecting the veracity of the allegations themselves.


Bill Stevenson’s allegations regarding the Biden family targeting him for the past 35 years have created a stir in public discourse. While it is essential to acknowledge such claims, it is equally important to approach them with skepticism until credible evidence surfaces. As this story continues to unfold, it will be crucial to separate political propaganda from verifiable facts, keeping in mind the potential motives behind levying such serious allegations against public figures. Until further evidence emerges, the public must approach these claims critically and objectively, keeping an eye on the broader political context in which they have been made.

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