Jersey Police Criticized Over TikTok Dance Routine

Jersey Police Criticized Over TikTok Dance Routine

Jersey Police faced criticism after a video emerged showing multiple officers practicing a dance routine for a TikTok video while residents remain under lockdown restrictions.

The clip shows eight officers taking part in the dance while they are guarded by a further two officers on motorbikes. Two other people are filming the scene with professional cameras.

Although Jersey is more open than mainland UK, it still has numerous restrictions in place that prevent people gathering in large groups.

Respondents to the video expressed the view that police resources would be better used elsewhere while asserting it set a bad example for those still living under restrictions.

“So, it is illegal for my children to meet with friends to play outside and yet the police are getting away with this? Absolutely disgraceful behaviour and a kick in the teeth to all those abiding by the rules as best they can,” said one.

“Does nobody @JerseyPolice realise how bad this looks. Rolling on the floor laughing we’re giving you fines for socialising, but look at our funky dances. Embarrassing and shameful. Silly authoritarians,” added another.

“Too busy to investigate crime then?” asked another.

“After a tough day of diversity training and lecturing people over offensive messages, Jersey police finish off the day with a Tiktok video,” joked another.

Last year, NHS nurses faced similar criticism after taking part in a trend of dancing videos during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although many claimed they were just blowing off steam, family members of people who had their cancer screenings cancelled due to lockdown complained that the routines were insensitive.



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