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Jeremy Renner hit while trying to protect nephew

Jeremy Renner hit while trying to protect nephew

Actor Jeremy Renner, who was seriously injured on January 1 when he was hit by a PistenBully snowblower, had been trying to protect his adult nephew.

CNN noted that, according to the redacted incident report from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, Renner told investigators the episode unfolded when he had towed his nephew’s truck out of the driveway; after towing the vehicle to the street, the PistenBully began to “slide sideways” and start. “Rolling down the mountain,” noted Renner. He told investigators that he then jumped out of the machine.

“Once he got out of the Pistenbully, he realized he was heading straight for (his nephew),” the report states, according to CNN. “He was afraid that the Pistenbully was going to hit (his nephew), so he decided to try to stop or deflect the Pistenbully.”

In order to get into the PistenBully’s cabin, the actor needed to climb onto the runway, but was “immediately thrown under the runway on the left side,” the report states, according to CNN.

“The Pistenbully snowplow began to slide, causing Renner to exit the vehicle without applying the emergency brake,” the report said, according to the outlet. “Although the Pistenbully had some mechanical problems, it is believed, based on our mechanical inspection, that the parking brake would have prevented the Pistenbully from moving forward. When Renner attempted to stop or swerve the Pistenbully to avoid injury to ( his nephew), he was pulled out. under the vehicle on the side of the track and run over.”

Renner has played the character of Clint Barton, or Hawkeye, in the “Avengers” films and the six-episode “Hawkeye” series from Marvel Studios.

“I want to thank ALL of your messages and consideration for my family and I… Much love and gratitude to you all. These 30+ broken bones will mend, get stronger, just like the “love and bond with family and friends will deepen.” Renner noted in an Instagram post.

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