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It’s back, President Donald J Trump officially declares his candidacy to run for president in 2024

I have written and erased a thousand words, repeatedly, in an effort to encapsulate what this moment means to me, and perhaps to others. However, when you boil it down to its bare bones, you’re left with one question: What American politician does this country love more than Donald John Trump?

The honest answer is “no one.”

There is no force of man or nature as strong in its devotion to a mission as Donald Trump is to this nation. This is the core, the heart, the genuine essence of the thing, that separates President Trump from everyone else. Within this love of country, there is a strength of determination that is almost strange to witness; and from that love for the country emanates an authenticity impossible to duplicate.

Donald J Trump is, quite simply, unapologetically American, and tens of millions love him for it.

Tonight, with his family by his side, President Donald Trump announced his intention to seek the GOP nomination in 2024 and run for President of the United States.


Yes, I don’t care what any detractors of this nation may try to say, Donald Trump is exactly what we need.

Many people are exhausted from the battle to save this republic. Many people are frustrated and disheartened by the scale of the effort required to roll back the metastatic corruption that has infected our entire body politic. Even more people are tired of having to constantly look back at the duplicitous motives and collusive schemes of the professional political class, and to those people Trump kneels down and says, “Get off your back and rest a while.” .

You see, back in 2015, when Donald Trump first announced his intention to run for president the following year, the assembly in these pages had spent years fighting the corrupt Republican political establishment while that most just happened to ignore it. We came together as The Last Refuge and immediately spotted the possibility that Donald J Trump represented.

One of the first responses in 2015 about Trump that I shared with a friend who didn’t follow politics closely, but was essentially and ally in perspective, was that Donald Trump might show up in the first GOP debate in 5 heels ″ and a Carmen Miranda hat and start dancing on Jeb Bush’s podium, and Trump would win my vote.

I felt this way because I could see the cancerous rot that was destroying the working class and at the same time infecting the Republican party. It would take severe measures to counter this Machiavellian political construct in DC that was only getting worse. We needed a major disruption and Donald Trump was ideal for that role.

When I look at the landscape of 2024, what I see different is what I see best. Almost everyone now see the level of corruption in the government apparatus, thanks to President Trump’s first term.

In addition, President Trump purged the deceitful DeceptiCons, the duplicitous Republicans who existed to maintain the UniParty, forcing the GOPe liars to expose their opposition. It no longer takes a conversation to convince people that most politicians are part of a DC UniParty apparatus. Two wings of the same corrupt vulture feeding on the carcass of our republic. Everyone can see it now, thanks to Donald Trump.

Despite their refusal to accept reality, the Bush, Cheney, McConnell, McCain and Romney Republican Party is gone. Donald Trump destroyed it. The Republican Party will never again be the Bush-Romney Republican Party. Donald Trump opened the door and the working class has moved in to take control. The Republican party will not return to the Bush/Romney perspective, no matter how much Mitch McConnell tries to engineer his return.

We need a Big Ugly wrecking ball to unseat the corrupt power structures that only Trump made visible. There is no other person at this time in our nation’s history who has the ability to do that. Only Donald J Trump has the energy and fortitude to carry out this fight.

President Trump is the people’s answer to The Great Reset saying, “How the hell are you going to do it.”

I wouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything.

I’m all in.

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