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Is it a win for women? you tell me – The Donald – America First

Is it a win for women?  you tell me  – The Donald – America First

This is not entirely true. Not everyone had a happy life. People divorced often before the 1970s, many married couples were miserable, not everyone stayed at home to raise the children. Even in 1950, a third of women worked outside the home. If your dad ran off with his secretary, which happened more than you realize or want to realize, there was no child support for YOU, no court making your dad pay for your maintenance and women did not earn much money from work. then.

The way in which the younger right has idealized fantasies of previous eras is quite exaggerated and often falls apart.

Although those times may seem idyllic compared to today, it is clear that they were not. People didn’t have anywhere near the wealth they have today, or at least some people have. You haven’t seen all these 5,000 and 6,000 square foot gated community mansions. Families had ONE CAR, not two, and you would drive your wife all the time because she probably didn’t drive much, if at all, and even if she did, you didn’t have an extra car for her. Grocery store, etc. It doesn’t matter what your income is, you’re spending it all on your family, not on travel, hobbies, or luxuries, because there was no birth control, so the babies just kept coming whether you could afford a family of 6 people, 7, 8, 9 or not. And it’s a pity if your child was born with a profound disability, no government funds or household helpers to help you from time to time, no modern lifting equipment, etc. , or you could put your child “home,” as they used to say.

Most of you would not want to go back to a time without cell phones, without the Internet. And there was nothing 24 hours, so forget pizza/food/grocery/drug store at night, that didn’t happen. Also, forget about being a willing incel because single or uncommitted men in their 20s or so were suspected of being gay, doubly so if you’ve never dated or had a girlfriend. Forget being a “nerd”, forget being a sigma male or female, forget standing out, forget marching to the beat of your own drum, forget being AUTISTIC. No, conformity was the rule and it was socially imposed and it was a narrow path to walk in order to be accepted. Many of you posting these memes couldn’t cut it in a real 1950s society and would be marginalized and not because of your race or any demographic like that.

Was the country more stable? Yeah, mostly because it was like 75-90 percent of a (white) run and we didn’t have all this drama all the time to constantly derail everything we’re trying to do. We didn’t have open borders, and we didn’t have Chinese robots and cartel stooges running the federal government and cities and towns. The infiltration of our governments had just begun, so the committees were hated and pushed out of everything and everywhere whenever possible.

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