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Is inflation killing you? Work more hours, fanatic. And don’t eat – The Donald – America First

Is inflation killing you?  Work more hours, fanatic.  And don’t eat – The Donald – America First

Omg, I know the exact type, and they piss me off so bad.

Oh, THEY don’t have to work, because they have a family and a life.

But the fact that you’re just an “employee” makes you less desirable, you’re just a tax slave.

Search for “the managerial elite” on YouTube. There is a whole class of people in the West who have caused the overwhelming majority of our social problems.

Sooooo often we look at it and blame things that aren’t even the problem, because these same people have worked for generations to protect themselves from any criticism.

I think people are really starting to wake up. I see it being talked about more and more in places I would never expect.

I think they overextended themselves and got sloppy, and now people are seeing through the bullshit.

But basically, the “managerial elite” is this idea that the type of person you describe, collectively have the most power in our society, because they are “middle managers” who have the most DIRECT path to control real people.

There are tons of examples of the problems these people have caused and how they are literally tearing the western nations apart now.

I think these people should wake up and smell the roses before it’s too late, because historically in human civilization, whenever there is a massive social collapse, hungry and angry people end up looking for a coke to blame.

In this case, these people created the hostile society in which they lived, and they have personally been the source of so much anger and vitriol.

I wouldn’t want to be one of those people in a true collapse scenario where the rule of law goes out the window.

Because I’m sure they’ve all stepped on so many people, hard enough, that there’s someone out there somewhere, for each and every one of them, salivating at the idea of ​​dragging them into the woods, so to speak. ‘somehow

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