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Is Hunter sabotaging Joe’s campaign? | Antony Blinken was caught in flagrante delicto during the testimony


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Today’s best:

1: Is Hunter Biden Purposely Sabotaging Joe’s Electoral Chances in 2024?

2: WOW!!! We can somewhat understand not being in politics, but these answers are ridiculous.

3: BUSTED: Secretary of State Anthony Blinken appears to have committed crimes related to Hunter Biden

4: The moment you realize a 12 year old has more common sense than the progressive left…

5: Furry drag queens used in a recent Trudeau-funded ad targeting troubled kids…

6: The Biden regime’s latest mortgage scheme echoes the policies that led to the 2008 crash…

7: Shrewdness and Money Laundering Are Strong in the “Ukraine War” It appears that some are giving targets and then being reimbursed with real military assets.

8: The rebranding and talking points of the WEF’s Great Reskilling just dropped… The Great Reskilling…

9: Liberals lose their minds when a biological white alderman decides to follow their rules.

10: Whoopi Goldberg claims that the Bible says that parents can choose to have their children’s genitals mutilated.

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