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Invasion: Both Borders Overflowing, Soros Malfunctioning, East Palestine Mayor Calls Out Biden


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Today’s best:

1: Biden slaps Ohio: ‘He doesn’t care’ – East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway
“President’s day in our country. He’s over in Ukraine. That tells you what kind of guy he is.”

2: George Soros’s brain is completely malfunctioning, he mumbles incoherently during speech
Did he just have an aneurysm?

3: It’s no longer a border crisis – It’s officially a border crisis – It’s a two-front invasion
Does anyone still think that Biden’s stooges aren’t trying to destroy America?

4: NFL star Fmr rips transgender ‘women’ playing women’s sports in a way the anti-women left can’t combat
“Why can’t transitioning boys and women empower women and compete against men?” – Marcellus Wiley
5: Smug teacher suggests parents shouldn’t have a say in children’s education unless they have a master’s degree
“I have a master’s degree… We all have higher educations! What do parents have? Are we looking into our parents’ backgrounds?”

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6: Norfolk Southern CEO stands by decision to create toxic mushroom cloud over East Palestine
Do you think they made the right decision?

7: Thug Effs Around and Find Out: Evidence That Guns Save Lives, Make Women and Children Safer
If you disarm law-abiding citizens, you embolden criminals and thugs because they don’t follow gun laws.
This is from Brazil in 2018, an off-duty officer, but the lesson is timeless.

8: ‘Loopy As F**k’ Biological Man Weeps Tears of Joy Over His New Breast Implants Cleavage
“I’m so happy. Look. Look. I have cleavage. I have real cleavage.” – Friend with fake breasts

9: Ben Stein Misses Aunt Jemima – The inherent racism of American corporate culture
“This used to show a great African-American chef…showing off her incredible skill and making pancakes.” – Ben Stein

10: And now a word from “President” Biden…
Uhh, what?

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