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Indiana Councilman ‘Flips the Script’ and Identifies as a ‘Lesbian Woman of Color’ – And the Left Turns Out

Indiana “council” Ryan Webb flipped the script on the Delaware County council saying they now identify as a “lesbian woman of color.” Webb revealed the gender in a Facebook post on April 12.

The Democratic Party and the LBTQIA+ community did not find humor in Webb exploring the new gender identity. I will see:

Indiana Councilman Ryan Webb flips the script and identifies as a “lesbian woman of color” and predictably the left comes out 👀

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) May 1, 2023

“Councilman Ryan Webb publicly announced on social media that he now identifies as a lesbian woman of color,” complained one citizen. “If he meant it, I’d sing his praises. But instead, I know better.”

Webb, who previously identified as a white man, has adopted the identity of an American Indian woman and joined the LGBTQ+ community because he is attracted to women.

“After much consideration, I’ve decided to come out and finally feel comfortable announcing my true authentic self,” Webb wrote. “It is with great relief that I announce to everyone that I identify as a woman and not just any woman but also as a woman of color. I guess that would make me gay/lesbian too, since I’m attracted to women,” Webb added.

“Whew, it felt good to finally get it out and start living life as my true self. I’m excited to bring some diversity to the county council. Until today we didn’t have any women of color or LGBTQIAPC+++ on the council. I’m glad we’re doing it now!” Webb added.

The councilman clarified that his preferred pronouns are he/him and people can address him as either Ryan or Councilor Webb.

“To avoid confusion, everyone can continue to address me as Ryan or Counselor Webb. I will also retain my preferred He/He pronouns, however, this will in no way diminish my true identity as the wife of color,” Webb said. “I am excited to be a vocal partner of the LGBTQIAPC+++ movement. Who knows how far we can take things, but I’m glad this is possible now because ANYONE can be ANYTHING or ANYONE they want to be.”

At the conclusion of her post, Webb added the message “God Bless America” ​​and accompanied it with emojis depicting the American flag, the LGBTQ+ flag, a winking face, a woman shrugging her shoulders, and a flexed arm muscle. Later, in an updated version of her post, Webb proudly announced that she was making history as the first lesbian woman of color to serve on the Delaware County Council.

“It has come to my attention that I am probably the first lesbian woman of color in the history of Delaware County to serve on the Delaware County Council. I am honored to be the one to shatter that glass ceiling. #WomenPower .” Webb concluded.

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