Incontinent Puppy With Spina Bifida, Stood Up by Potential Adopters, Finds Perfect Fur-Ever Family

Incontinent Puppy With Spina Bifida, Stood Up by Potential Adopters, Finds Perfect Fur-Ever Family

A 9-month-old American bulldog, who happens to have spina bifida and went viral on social media when his potential adopters didn’t show up, has found the perfect forever family.

Nonprofit Peaches Bully Rescue of West Chester, Ohio, posted on Facebook when the puppy’s 40-minute journey to meet potential adopters on Jan. 23 ended in a huge let down. “Jack was very sad when his meet-and-greet person was a no-show, no-call,” they shared online.

Jack’s breeder couldn’t sell him, owing to his special needs. He had been at the rescue for five months and had received very little interest. Being stood up on Jan. 23 was the third time the patient pup had been disappointed by potential adopters.

(Courtesy of Peaches Bully Rescue)

“He had a bath, got his fancy harness on, had a fresh diaper, and a dedicated foster team that drove 40 minutes each way just to end in huge disappointment,” Peaches posted. “Your family will come sweet boy, and when they do, they will be perfect.”

Peaches Bully Rescue is staffed by volunteers. Not showing up or calling, staffers implored, is “bad form.”

In response to the heartfelt social media post, shared tens of thousands of times, the nonprofit was inundated with adoption applications for Jack. Concerned netizens from all around the world sent toys and monetary donations to help him find his home.

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(Courtesy of Peaches Bully Rescue)

As a special needs dog, Jack requires extra attention and care. He wears diapers as he is completely incontinent, and though he is mobile, he has club feet, meaning he cannot manage long walks.

Yet before long, the perfect family came forward. Best of all, they showed up to their meet-and-greet with open arms and open hearts.

“After multiple false starts in securing his fur-ever home, this little wiggle butt was excited to start the next chapter in his life,” Peaches shared in a Facebook update. “He has a human sister to love on him, lots of toys and diapers that this gracious community donated, and a new stroller to ride around in style.”

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Peaches Bully Rescue)

Jack’s new family has even started an Instagram page to chronicle their adorable special-needs pup’s ongoing journey.

“This is why we did it,” Peaches staffers explained to Good Morning America. “Most of the vets recommend that dogs with special needs are euthanized because they have no quality of life. We’re here to show people differently.”

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