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In the heat of battle, LGBTQ+ Ukrainian soldiers march with pride [VIDEO]

In the heat of battle, LGBTQ+ Ukrainian soldiers march with pride [VIDEO]

In a recent announcement, KyivPride March organizers revealed that the first gay pride event in the Ukrainian capital since the start of the conflict with Russia is scheduled for June 16.

The event is expected to be strict security measures, with only the 500 registered participants having knowledge of the exact location and time of the march. That decision came after Kyiv city council denied permission to hold the march on the subway system, citing security concerns related to its role as an air raid shelter during potential Russian attacks.

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This year's march will focus on the LGBTQ+ community within the Ukrainian military under the slogan “Unite for Equality and Victory,” as stated by KyivPride Board Chair Anna Sharyhina.

Previous KyivPride events were held in Warsaw, Poland, and Liverpool, England, due to the challenges posed by martial law following the Russian invasion.

Russia's actions against LGBTQ+ people have raised concerns among activists, with the Russian Supreme Court labeling LGBT activists “extremists” and banning the international LGBT social movement from the country.

Despite being less liberal on gay rights compared to Western standards, Ukraine is considered more accepting than Russia, especially with the presence of LGBTQ+ soldiers defending against invasion.

A group of Kyiv residents recently protested the KyivPride march at City Hall, expressing opposition to the LGBTQ parade and advocating for “traditional values.”

Previous KyivPride events have often been met with clashes between protesters and counter-demonstrators, with the 2021 march more orderly despite some opposition. The 2020 march was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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