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In 10 years we will all be underwater unless you pay more taxes. – The Donald – America First

“More than 100 years ago”

So you give me a chart that goes back to 1983.

100 years ago, 5 times more hectares were burned. We implemented brush clearing and fire trenches, and other measures. The environmentalist then sued to save the frogs and rats. , so we modified the methods and they don’t work. When did this change? 1983

When you live long enough, you will see that it has all been one big financial scam.

Climate change alarmists target young people because they haven’t lived long enough to see for themselves, nothing is changing.

If the world actually ended between 10 and 15 years old, they wouldn’t be in schools scaring the kids, just letting them have their happy childhoods. It would make no sense to frighten 6-year-olds with the knowledge of future death and destruction.

It’s just a financial scam.

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