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IMAX CEO Relegates Disney to ‘Backup,’ Won’t Show Marvel Film Unless ‘Dune 2’ Gets Delayed

Title: IMAX CEO Relegates Disney to ‘Backup,’ Won’t Show Marvel Film Unless ‘Dune 2’ Gets Delayed


In an unexpected turn of events, Richard L. Gelfond, the CEO of IMAX Corporation, recently made headlines by repositioning industry giant Disney as a “backup” option. Gelfond stated that IMAX theaters would not showcase any of Disney’s highly anticipated Marvel films unless the release of the much-awaited ‘Dune 2’ was delayed. This move has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry and raised pertinent questions about competition, release strategies, and the future dynamics of movie distribution.

The Power Play

IMAX Corporation, renowned for its advanced cinema technologies and immersive experiences, has long been a favored partner for major Hollywood studios, including Disney. However, Gelfond’s bold stance reflects a growing sentiment among industry leaders that competition needs to be balanced, and release conflicts must be resolved fairly.

The CEO’s unexpected move positions ‘Dune 2’, the highly anticipated sci-fi epic by director Denis Villeneuve, as IMAX’s primary focus. Gelfond argues that ‘Dune 2’ deserves its rightful place in IMAX theaters and that its delay would facilitate this opportunity. By relegating Disney, a powerhouse in the industry, to a secondary position, IMAX is sending a clear message that it values a sense of fairness and equal opportunities for all films.

Disney and the Marvel Franchise

Marvel films, a part of Disney’s sensational movie empire, have consistently been box office goldmines. This highly profitable franchise has a massive fanbase, making their release events highly anticipated by audiences worldwide. Disney’s Marvel films generate significant revenue for theaters, including IMAX. However, Gelfond’s decision to prioritize ‘Dune 2’ challenges the traditional hierarchy that tends to favor established franchises over newer creative endeavors.

Implications and Speculations

Gelfond’s bold stance has not only ignited debates within the industry but also left fans speculating about the future of theatrical releases for Marvel films. While it is unlikely that IMAX alone could significantly impact the success of a Marvel film, it does raise concerns about the potential for other theaters to follow suit.

Could this be the start of a shift in the balance of power between studios and theaters? Will other competitors adopt a similar strategy to exert influence over release schedules? Only time will tell if Gelfond’s decision represents a standalone incident or a harbinger of change in the industry.

Fairness and Opportunities

Gelfond’s decision, while surprising, underscores the importance of fairness in an ever-evolving entertainment landscape. By shining a spotlight on ‘Dune 2’, a lesser-known property that deserves attention, IMAX appears to be taking a stand for creativity and giving every film the opportunity to shine.

It is worth noting that IMAX has a long-standing tradition of promoting visually stunning and cinematically ambitious projects. ‘Dune 2’ seems to perfectly align with IMAX’s commitment to providing audiences with exceptional cinematic experiences that fully utilize their technology.


Richard L. Gelfond’s refusal to showcase Marvel films until ‘Dune 2’ receives its due attention marks a significant moment in the industry’s history. IMAX’s decision demonstrates the CEO’s commitment to fairness and providing equal opportunities for all films. While the impact of this stand remains to be seen, it opens up wider conversations about the balance of power between studios and theaters, as well as the potential implications for the distribution of future blockbuster films.

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