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“If you take a shot of tequila every time ‘patriarchy’ is mentioned, you’ll die.” – World of Reel

I haven’t really seen any actual movie critics weigh in on Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie,” which I’m finally getting around to seeing tonight. The review embargo is lifted tomorrow afternoon.

What I will say is that, based on the early Twitter reactions out there, and from people I’ve spoken to, detractors will often use the dreaded word “woke” to describe Gerwig’s “Barbie.” It will absolutely, inevitably happen. You can count on it

First real opinion from a reviewer, Doug Dillamanis mixed, but he really liked Margot Robbie’s performance, via his Letterboxd:

I had a vague idea of ​​what to expect from this movie, but it didn’t include “if you take a shot of tequila every time the word ‘patriarchy’ is mentioned you will die.” I’m not going to rate this because it’s officially embargoed and I’m not sure if it would bother me anyway because it’s probably going to be the most divisive movie of 2023 and I had a split reaction internally, but it’s definitely something and damn, I glad i got off twitter. for the speech Oscar nom for Margot Robbie, please?

It’s pretty obvious that Mattel/Warner are tryingvery hard not to have “Barbie” labeled as a “feminist” movie, but once this puppy is released, you can probably expect a firestorm to ensue.

They have played it very well, so far. A $100 million+ 3-day opening is expected for Gerwig’s film. Audiences don’t know what to expect with this movie and that’s exactly what Mattel/Warner wanted.

Robbie Brenner, Mattel Films’ first film producer and “the architect of its cinematic universe,” told Time that “Barbie” was “not a feminist movie.” The film’s star, Margot Robbie, responded by saying, “It’s not that it is, or it’s not. It’s a movie. It’s a movie that has a lot going for it.”

Actor Simu Liu, who plays one of the many Kens in the upcoming “Barbie” movie, said the film will put “the final nail in the coffin of this very heteronormative idea of ​​what gender is.”

Feminist or not, I just want “Barbie” to be a good movie. He has the talent to back it up. The great Rodrigo Prieto directed the film. Noah Baumbach wrote the screenplay with Gerwig. Mark Ronson (not Desplat) composed the score. what else do you want

Then there’s Gerwig, coming off the critically acclaimed “Lady Bird” and “Little Women.” She’s also this great indie actress, though she seems to have left the acting field for a big studio career behind the camera.


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