ICYMI- Make a Wish Foundation is Forcing Dying Kids To Be Vaccinated In Order To Have Their Dying Wish Come True – IOTW Report

This is a sick and evil shitstain of a man.

The shot could kill them, not only because of their underlying illness and compromised immune systems, but because the shot has been deemed unnecessary, and perhaps dangerous, to children and adoloscents.

This guy is my nomination for WORST PERSON OF THE CENTURY.

I hate his voice. I hate his mannerisms. I hate his face.

“Hey kid, I know you want to go to a private amusement park for the day with your friends and family, and you might only have a few months to live… but… you need the shot, because, ummm, you might die of a virus that has largely not affected your age bracket. Please understand, this is more political than scientific… And, I’m a creepy asshole.”

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