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I wish modern architecture would stop attacking my eyes – The Donald – America First

Is Pei sorry? Have you never seen the Louvre pyramid?

It’s garbage. It looks like a beginner architecture student using a CAD program from the 80’s, IF the teacher said “make it busier” Compared to the surrounding structure of the Louvre Palace courtyard, it sucks.

If space aliens wanted to install a big, ugly glass kiosk map “you are here” they would do something like this.

Or the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame?

This sore eyes?

Maybe if the pharaohs were transgender, used glass instead of stone, and wanted to add some cubist tumors to their pyramids…

Is Frank Lloyd Wright bullshit?

Wright’s designs stand out – some are good, some are ugly – such as the AD German Warehouse. Falling Water is a great design, but take the waterfall out of the picture and suddenly the iconic image of the exterior of the house isn’t so great after all.

You really must be an unsophisticated fool.

Trying to argue bad architecture is good assuming the other person hasn’t seen it is pure sophistry.

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