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I am a Navy veteran. I am now an OnlyFans creator and proudly wear my military uniform in my content.

A split image of Taylor Gunner as a Marine Corporal and content creator for OnlyFans.

Taylor Gunner is a US Marine vet. He now creates content for OnlyFans, drawing on his experience in the military.Taylor Gunner

  • Taylor Gunner is a veteran of the US Marine Corps.

  • She became an OnlyFans star after being medically retired.

  • Her sexy photos have military themes. He will wear his old suits, dress uniforms and flak jacket.

This essay as stated is based on a conversation with Taylor Gunner. Edited for length and clarity.

During my basic training as a marinethe drill instructor barked orders at me for 13 weeks straight.

The experience taught me to show respect and have discipline. Now that I am retired, this has served me well career outside the armed services. About 70% of my followers Only Fans are active military or veterans. When I say, “Leave me 20,” they say, “Thank you, ma’am, that was a great scene.” They know my roleplay is authentic.

It’s easy for me to click back to where I was in the Marine Corps seven years ago. One minute, I’ll be the fantasy training instructor, the next, the recruiter. I wear the camouflage and dress uniforms I wore on duty, even my old flak jacket with its metal plates. When I’m shooting content with 20 extra pounds on me, it’s a heavy workout.

Being in the Marines was a challenge, especially in boot camp

I joined the Marines when I was 18 years old. He worked as a telemarketer, server and roller rink attendant to pay for school. Education was very important to me. If I signed up, they would pay for my degree. I am a very driven person. I thought it would be good to improve my life and see what I was capable of.

It was a challenge at first. They shape you. I was less than 10% body fat when I got home from boot camp Parris Island, South Carolina. I was walking muscle.

A female sailor looking at the camera with a gun on her shoulder.

Gunner said he enjoyed using guns in the Marine Corps.Taylor Gunner

My whole life revolved around the Marine Corps. I’m not talking about my overseas deployment, but it was a nomadic existence. In the United States, I went from North Carolina to Mississippi, California to Arizona.

I loved the thrill of the handling weapons. Shooting rifles and pistols was great. The grenade launchers were my favorite. You just aim at your target and they do the rest.

Most of all, I loved the camaraderie and the dark sense of humor. I medically retired in 2016 after injuring my spine. The saddest part was saying goodbye to my friends.

My self-esteem grew after I posted some R-rated photos on Twitter

I returned to my home state of Missouri and earned my bachelor’s degree in accounting. Then I worked as an internal auditor. But I was bored. The military teaches you how to do everything fast. I would finish my work by lunch time. In the afternoon, I would sit in my cubicle and play on the phone.

Meanwhile, my then-boyfriend and I were at the swaying community I posted a few pictures of myself Twitter — Some with my military equipment. People said things like, “She has the most beautiful eyes” and “She seems so kind.” He had 30,000 followers. It boosted my self-esteem and it made sense to set up an OnlyFans account.

Taylor Gunner in his Marine uniform during a shoot for OnlyFans

Gunner often adopts military themes for his content for OnlyFans.Taylor Gunner

Fans loved how I incorporated my former life as a sailor into my content, especially service members. I quit my corporate job in 2021 and became a full-time content creator. In one month with OnlyFans, I earn more than my annual salary as an accountant. I have 25,000 followers.

I have my self-determination from my time in the military. It gives you a confidence that is always there. It’s not arrogance. It’s the “can do” and “it will happen” attitude. I run my own business. I’m my own boss. I recently paid for my whole family to go on vacation to Europe.

I’m proud of the uniform I wore in the Marines

But it’s not all about money. One of the main reasons I introduced the Marines into my content was to keep an eye on the veterans. suicide rates are too high in the military community. I do a lot of what we call “friend checks,” asking if people are okay. Everyone needs a friend.

No one has accused me of disrespect. Many people wear their husband’s or partner’s military uniforms in photos and videos. I am proud of my service and I earned my uniform.

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