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Hunter Biden’s team leaves the White House out of the legal security strategy loop

SSome of President Joe Biden’s top aides are reportedly clashing with members of his son’s legal team over strategies for dealing with investigations and attacks from Republican lawmakers that specifically target Hunter Biden.

Those differences have prompted Hunter Biden’s team to take a new approach without briefing the president, including a more combative defense strategy and a slew of new hires, according to Axios. The events come as the president’s 53-year-old son faces multiple investigations by the Justice Department and House Republicans.


Hunter Biden’s team initially refrained from responding to GOP attacks on his business history, but now representatives of the president’s son have chosen to take a more aggressive stance by fighting back publicly. White House officials have also avoided commenting on the investigations surrounding the president’s son, but several spokespeople have grown more defensive in recent weeks as Republicans seek to tie Hunter Biden’s business dealings to the agenda. his father’s politics.

Tensions between Hunter Biden and the White House also led the president’s son to hire prominent attorney Abbe Lowell to help lead this new combative strategy, the outlet reported. That decision was not supported by all members of Hunter Biden’s team and even led to the resignation of his former lawyer Josh Levy, sources told Axios.

Hunter Biden’s team is also working to create a legal defense fund, according to the outlet, raising concerns among some senior Democrats who fear it could lead to the president’s son soliciting money to pay for his legal battles

“For this fund to work, it must be extraordinarily transparent and even restrictive by prohibiting foreign nationals and registered lobbyists from contributing,” Anthony Coley, a former DOJ spokesman and senior adviser to Attorney General Merrick Garland, told Axios. “Without those kinds of guardrails, the fund is going to be a legitimate headache for the White House.”

It’s still unclear whether Hunter Biden’s team will move forward with the legal fund.

One of the top priorities for Republicans in the new Congress is to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings, which have long been of interest to the Republican Party. The matter first rose to prominence during the 2020 election as the GOP sought to determine whether then-candidate Joe Biden benefited financially from his son’s business dealings, pointing to national security concerns.


Hunter Biden also faces a DOJ investigation into his finances, specifically whether the president’s son violated tax and money laundering laws while doing business in foreign countries. Hunter Biden has denied wrongdoing in all legal cases, expressing his confidence that he will be acquitted of all charges.

The Washington Examiner reached out to a White House spokesman.

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