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Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Meet With DOJ Officials

Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Meet With DOJ Officials

Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Meet With DOJ Officials: What You Need to Know

Attorneys for Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. President Joe Biden, recently met with officials from the Justice Department to discuss the ongoing criminal investigation into the younger Biden’s finances. The investigation has been underway for some time, and there are indications that prosecutors are considering several charges, including failure to file taxes and tax evasion, as well as false statements connected to a gun purchase in 2018.

There are also rumors that a possible indictment could be forthcoming. Though Hunter Biden has faced public scrutiny for years, the Justice Department’s investigation is an unprecedented challenge for the Biden family, as the president pledged to run a transparent and ethical administration.

What led to the Hunter Biden investigation?

Reports in the fall of 2020 suggested that federal investigators had opened a probe into Hunter Biden’s taxes and business dealings in China. Soon afterward, there were indications that the younger Biden’s laptop had been confiscated by the FBI, sparking a political firestorm. The laptop purportedly contained emails and other documents, which appeared to implicate Hunter Biden in various nefarious activities, including drug use and conspiring with Chinese business interests.

Though there were widespread efforts to suppress coverage of the laptop issue in the run-up to the presidential election, the issue refused to go away, with Republican lawmakers demanding answers about Hunter Biden’s activities for months following his father’s inauguration in January 2021. Hunter Biden, for his part, has insisted that he did not engage in any illegal activity.

What do we know about the meeting between Hunter Biden’s lawyers and DOJ officials?

The meeting between Hunter Biden’s lawyers and DOJ officials reportedly took place on Wednesday, though details about the nature of the discussion have not been made public. CNN reported that several attorneys, including Hunter Biden’s longtime lawyer Chris Clark, were spotted entering the DOJ headquarters early on Wednesday. David Weiss, the Trump-appointed Delaware US Attorney who has been overseeing the investigation, was also reportedly present. A person familiar with the meeting told CNN that officials from the Justice Department’s tax division were also in attendance.

The meeting appears to have been focused on the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial dealings, though it’s unclear if any new information was presented. Hunter Biden’s legal team sought an update on the status of the case, which has been hung up in bureaucratic limbo for some time.

Why are prosecutors considering charges against Hunter Biden?

Federal prosecutors are reportedly considering four charges against Hunter Biden, including two counts of misdemeanor failure to file taxes, a felony count of tax evasion related to a business expense, and a felony charge connected to a false statement about drug use on a gun purchase form in 2018. According to NBC News, Hunter Biden has admitted to using cocaine at the time he filled out the gun form.

The investigation has reportedly been hampered by bureaucratic delays and in-fighting between different branches of the federal government. The case has been handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware, though the investigation itself is thought to have involved officials from several different agencies.

What could the charges against Hunter Biden mean for his father’s administration?

The potential charges against Hunter Biden could create a headache for the Biden administration, which has already been dogged by accusations of nepotism and ethical misconduct. Though President Biden has not been implicated in any wrongdoing related to his son’s business activities, the optics of the situation are not ideal.

If charges are ultimately filed against Hunter Biden, it could also create a distraction for the White House as it seeks to move forward with its legislative agenda. President Biden has made it clear that his administration will be focused on addressing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other pressing issues like climate change and criminal justice reform. A protracted legal battle involving the president’s son could complicate those efforts.


The investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances has been a source of controversy and speculation for months, with both sides of the political aisle weighing in on the issue. Though federal investigators have been tight-lipped about the details of the probe, the potential charges being considered against Hunter Biden suggest that the investigation is serious and far-reaching. For President Biden, the investigation is an unwelcome distraction from his policy agenda and could create political headaches in the months to come. For now, we’ll have to wait and see how the situation unfolds.

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