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Hunter Biden faces possible trial as plea deal stalls

Talks between prosecutors and Hunter Biden about a possible plea deal have reached an impasse, possibly paving the way for a trial on criminal charges. The development comes as special counsel-appointed David Weiss takes on an elevated role to scrutinize the 53-year-old’s financial and business dealings. Previously serving as U.S. attorney in Delaware, Weiss now has expanded powers to investigate Hunter Biden’s affairs.

Weiss’ responsibilities include overseeing the “ongoing investigation” into the president’s son, as well as handling any related matters that may arise, the Justice Department said. Hunter Biden recently entered a not guilty plea to two tax charges in a Delaware court after an earlier plea deal, which included a tax evasion and a weapons charge, collapsed due to a judge’s refusal to endorse the proposed agreement.

The plea deal that fell apart led Weiss to suggest a trial might be necessary. Prosecutors are considering filing charges against Hunter Biden in Washington DC or California. Despite the new plea deals, the government believes a trial is inevitable, according to court documents.

Amid these developments, House Republicans have launched an investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, while GOP members of Congress have hinted at possible impeachment inquiries related to allegations of presidential profiteering from his activities. son The White House, however, dismissed these claims as baseless conspiracy theories and maintained President Biden’s non-involvement in his son’s business affairs.

In response to Weiss’ appointment, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Chris Clark, expressed anticipation for a fair resolution for his client. Counsel stressed that they intend to pursue a resolution proposed by the US attorney, which they believe will bring closure to the situation.

The ongoing scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s legal challenges by political opponents, including former President Donald Trump, underscores the contentious nature of the issue, with the 2024 election on the horizon. Despite Trump’s efforts to exploit Hunter Biden’s problems to smear his political adversary, the complexities of the situation and the evolving legal landscape make the outcome uncertain.

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