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On February 21, 2023, former President Donald Trump took aim at what he called the “warmonger” Washington establishment, pledging to complete the mission of cleaning house in the Pentagon and State Department.

The speech came during a campaign rally in Ohio, where Trump was stumping for his re-election bid. Trump, who is running on a platform of “America First”, promised to use his second term to “drain the swamp” of the “entrenched bureaucracy” that has been running the government for decades.

Trump argued that the “failed policies” of the past have led to “endless wars,” and that it was time to put an end to them. He promised to bring the troops home from overseas, and to end the nation’s involvement in “costly and unnecessary” wars. He also called for a “new era of American leadership” that would focus on “diplomacy instead of military force.”

Trump also promised to enact reforms in the Pentagon and State Department that would make them more accountable, efficient, and cost-effective. He said that he would “cut the fat” and “reduce the bureaucracy” in order to make the government more efficient.

Trump’s speech was met with cheers from the crowd, and his promises to “clean house” in Washington resonated with many of his supporters. His words were a stark contrast to the policies of his predecessor, President Joe Biden, who has sought to maintain the status quo in Washington.

Trump’s speech was a clear indication that he intends to make good on his campaign promises to reign in the military and foreign policy establishment in Washington. Trump supporters are hopeful that his second term will bring about the much-needed reforms in the Pentagon and State Department that will bring an end to the “endless wars” and restore American leadership in the world.

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