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On Tuesday, a federal grand jury issued a sweeping decision against President Donald Trump, ruling that he must provide financial records to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. The decision is a major blow to the president, who has long sought to keep his financial records private.

The ruling came after a lengthy legal battle between the president and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, which is investigating possible financial crimes by the Trump Organization. The grand jury’s ruling requires Trump to turn over eight years of his tax returns and other financial documents to the district attorney’s office.

The ruling is a major setback for Trump, who has fought tooth and nail to keep his financial records private. Trump has argued that the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation is politically motivated and has sought to block the subpoena for his financial records. However, the grand jury’s ruling makes it clear that the district attorney’s office has the power to obtain the records and that Trump cannot stop them from doing so.

The ruling is also a major victory for the Manhattan district attorney’s office, which has been fighting for months to obtain the records. The district attorney’s office has argued that it needs access to the records in order to investigate possible financial crimes by the Trump Organization.

The ruling is likely to set off a new round of legal battles between Trump and the district attorney’s office. Trump has vowed to appeal the ruling and has already filed a motion to stay the ruling pending the outcome of the appeal. It remains to be seen how the appeals court will rule on the matter, but one thing is certain: this is a major blow to Trump’s efforts to keep his financial records private.

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