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On Wednesday, an explosive exchange took place at a White House press conference when Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called out Kaitlan Collins, a White House correspondent for CNN, for asking an “inappropriate” question.

The entire exchange was captured on video and quickly went viral, with many people expressing shock and outrage at the way McEnany handled the situation. The incident began when Collins asked McEnany about President Trump’s recent comments about the late civil rights leader John Lewis. McEnany responded by saying that the question was “inappropriate” and that the White House would not be answering it. She then asked Collins to move on to the next question.

Collins refused to back down, however, and argued that the question was a legitimate one. She noted that the President had made the comments about Lewis in a tweet and that it was her job as a White House correspondent to ask questions about his statements. McEnany then accused Collins of grandstanding and said that she was “harassing” her.

The exchange quickly became heated, with Collins and McEnany talking over each other and other reporters chiming in. The incident ended with McEnany telling Collins that she was “done” with the exchange and moving on to the next question.

The incident sparked a great deal of controversy and debate, with many people criticizing McEnany’s handling of the situation. Some argued that her response was inappropriate and unprofessional, while others argued that she was simply trying to maintain order in the press conference.

No matter what one’s opinion is on the incident, it is clear that it has raised important questions about the role of the press in the White House and the relationship between the media and the administration. It is also a reminder that the press has an important role to play in holding the government accountable and ensuring that the public is informed.

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