How critical race theory is being weaponized to take down Western society

How critical race theory is being weaponized to take down Western society

Critical race theory is dangerous. Even if you haven’t done the research on the topic, you likely know exactly what it is based on the various insane examples that pop up in the news on a daily basis. It went from a controversial discussion point in progressive academia to a way of life for far too many Americans. What we’re witnessing today is the weaponization of the theory as a tool to be used against the foundation of Western society.

Before anyone gets annoyed and starts thinking that I’m addressing the topic in a shocking or melodramatic fashion for effect, please note that I was among those who thought it was a passing fad just a few years ago. I thought, wrongly, that Americans were too smart to fall for such ludicrous notions. But what I underestimated was the pervasiveness of desires to be “woke” even if doing so requires cognitive dissonance. In other words, my assumption that people were too smart was only wrong because I didn’t take into account the willingness of so many to turn off their brains and absorb their indoctrination like sheep.

It doesn’t take deep exploration of obscure news outlets to find examples. On any given day, there are dozens of clear-cut occurrences of critical race theory playing a major role in policies, actions, and changes to the foundation of our culture and lifestyle. According to Campus Reform, it is now being taught as a minor at St. John’s University.

St. John’s University in New York City has announced it will offer a 15-credit “Critical Race & Ethnic Studies Interdisciplinary” minor. The interdisciplinary minor is described as a method for students to study and research major critical race theory subjects like “social inequalities, international migration, economic globalization, healthcare systems, legal and carceral structures, colonialism, and empire.”

“Critical Race & Ethnic Studies devotes itself to the study of social justice issues shaped by race, ethnicity, class, dis/ability, gender, sexuality, and other contemporary and historical forms of group-differentiation. It also looks to the political struggles of systematically and structurally marginalized people as resources for exploring innovative strategies for social transformative action,” a webpage for the minor states.

The required courses are Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Methodologies in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Anti-Blackness around the Globe, Comparative Racializations: Blackness, Indigeneity, Asianness, and Latinidad; and Capstone Seminar in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies.

One might think this is to be expected since American universities have been engulfed by radical leftist beliefs for at least five decades. The shock and awe of seeing our colleges teaching social justice dribble has long since passed, replaced by a quick roll of the eyes as thoughtful Americans have accepted it as a given. But they’re not just going after college students. That’s too easy. They’re going after high schools. They’re going after junior highs. They’re going after elementary schools. They’re going all the way back. In Arizona, they’re trying to make us believe racism by Caucasians in particular begins as early as 3-months-old.

If we’re to believe Caucasians are racist before they can understand a racial slur, then it’s no wonder so many have embraced Robin DiAngelo’s book, White Fragility. As we reported last week, Coca-Cola has a training program that encourages their Caucasian employees to “be less white.” That story was first broken by Karlyn Borysenko who joined us for the latest episode of NOQ Report. She is not a fan of DiAngelo’s, noting how the sudden guru is trying to convince Caucasians that they’re inherently racist.

“Robin DiAngelo actually says that in her book,” Borysenko said. “She says, ‘I have been racist since the womb.’ She talks about how she’s been a racist her entire life. She talks about how even now she does racist things to her colleagues and thank God she has colleagues who forgive her for her racism.”

Having an educated Caucasian woman admitting that she’s racist and trying to convince every other Caucasian that they can’t help but to be racist is the gift that keeps on giving to Neo-Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter and Democratic Socialists in Washington, DC. This is just one of the ways that critical race theory has been weaponized and is being spread by corporations like Coca-Cola, but Borysenko laid out what the book and subsequent teachings by DiAngelo really mean.

White Fragility is essentially the 150-page confession of an extremely racist person that is trying to convince everyone else that they’re racist to be able to validate her experience in the world,” Borysenko said.

What does this have to do with taking down Western society? It’s all about division. They’re using critical race theory to convince people of all colors that we must operate based solely on our race. It’s the epitome of racism itself which is why I naively believed Americans would see through it more easily. Instead of promoting a world in which race, gender, and other “categories” of humanity have minimal effect on our place in the world, critical race theory seeks to make people of color hate Caucasians and Asian-Americans while simultaneously making Caucasians and Asian-Americans hate themselves.

Concepts like “white privilege” and it’s variations are used to justify racism. If a leftist who embraces critical race theory wants to attack a person, they generally do not attack them based on their ideas. Instead, they find the boxes of intersectionality that are not checked off by their opponent and claim that their lack of diversity is what makes them wrong. And it’s working. Progressives are rushing to demonstrate their wokeness by embracing critical race theory tactics while many conservatives are failing to defend themselves properly out of fear of being labelled a bigot.

There are three reasons critical race theory is so effective at destroying Western society. First, it’s used to change the way we operate in government and business. Instead of hiring the best person for a job without regard to race, gender, religion, or sexual preference, many are being forced into picking people who are less qualified in an effort to either be seen as more “woke” or to meet some arbitrary quota.

Second, critical race theory promotes racism and therefore promotes division amongst the races. This affects Caucasians the most as they’re not only fighting against racism from other races but are fighting amongst themselves about whether or not they’re inherently racist. This is why White Fragility is such a powerful tool for the radical progressives. It tries to unite people of color against Caucasians and Asian-Americans while driving division within these groups.

Lastly, the constant playing of the race card invokes feelings of victimhood. When a person of color fails, they’re told their failure is not due to their own shortcomings but the systemic racism of Western culture. They are trained to be victims first, which is why victimhood has become a status that is coveted by leftists, particularly younger generations. It promotes weakness within the nation by offering intangible excuses for failure.

More people MUST start recognizing the existential threat of critical race theory. If it continues to dominate our culture and drive division across the nation, we will never be able to unite. If wokeness wins, everyone loses.

Watch the video of this podcast and interview on Rumble.

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How critical race theory is being weaponized to take down Western society

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