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Horrifying video: Man beaten to a bloody pulp by masked thugs angry at confronting dangerous intersection takeover

A man was brutally beaten in an attack captured on video after he confronted a carload of masked thugs in his dangerous takeover in Oakland, California, over the weekend.

The so-called “sideshows” involve drivers pulling out and running in circles at street intersections while crowds form around the drivers, while everyday drivers are forced to wait. Lawless gatherings have resulted in injuries and deaths.

What happened?

The video shows the victim of the beating during Sunday’s sideshow throwing a bucket at one of the cars involved, and as expected, the occupants got out and attacked the man:

u201cA man was assaulted after trying to end a Sideshow by throwing a Home Depot bucket at a car in front of Nasan Market on Adeline Street in Oakland, CA ud83dudea8u201d


A separate video shows the full brutal attack as the man is tackled to the pavement and repeatedly punched and kicked as a surrounding crowd howls like it’s a movie, and of course they turn him into a the mobile phone and record it. .

No one helps the motionless man as blood runs down his cheeks. However, the cruelty was not enough: one of the attackers brings the victim to his knees and kicks him twice in the buttocks.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @ppv_tahoe

Of course, the takeover of the side intersection continued.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @ppv_tahoe

Soon someone yells at the victim, “They knocked the crap out of you!” — and it looks like the bucket he originally threw at the car is placed over his head.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @ppv_tahoe

Here is the video of the beating. Content Notice: Readers may find the attack disturbing; Slurs and racial slurs are also uttered:

u201cOakland, California. u2014 (@ppv_tahoe) Man assaulted at Sideshow in front of Nasan Market on Adeline Street. #sideshow #oakland #news #ppv_tahoeu201d

— PPV-TAHOE – News Reporter (@PPV-TAHOE – News Reporter) 1682951393

What else?

According to KTVU-TV, the attack happened at 34th and Adeline streets, and the victim’s condition could not be confirmed Monday. The station added that Oakland police indicated they were aware of the attack, adding that there were numerous side demonstrations in the city on Sunday, which led to an arrest, a recovered gun and a couple of cars towed

Another side-exposure video at the intersection of 34th and Adeline shows a red Mustang skidding hitting at least two bystanders, as well as a fire hydrant, after which water shoots into the air.

Oakland City Councilman Noel Gallo, who has been trying to crack down on sideshows for years, told KTVU that people shouldn’t try to stop sideshows: “Please don’t interfere. Let it police officers respond to this.”

Well, a police vehicle at a different intersection in Oakland was caught on video not dealing with the show’s participants, instead carefully navigating around them and then leaving the intersection. KTVU said the intersection in question is 42nd Avenue and International Boulevard:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A woman who videotaped the show separately spoke excitedly about what was described as a “Bay Area cultural phenomenon.”

“You know, after the fact, you’re like, ‘Oh my God.’ i saw this This is great. This is Oakland.” He added, however, that innocent bystanders pay a price for that.

Oakland sideshow blogs busy

Something else?

Police also told KTVU they are investigating an assault on a driver during the sideshow at International Boulevard and 42nd Avenue on Sunday.

Councilman Gallo added to the station that “we’re not trying to criminalize, we’re trying to protect the residents of Oakland. We’re just trying to enforce the laws that we have and make it not only safe for the community, but safe for the people involved in the sideshow.”

Oh, and an April 23 sideshow on the Bay Bridge brought traffic from Oakland to San Francisco to a standstill as about 100 motorists rolled and did donuts across all lanes of the bridge, KTVU said.

Sideshow closes Bay

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