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Horowitz: The big lie behind the fear of a federal shutdown |

What is the purpose of a federal government?

Aside from the 50 state governments, there are more than 3,000 county governments, 19,000 townships, approximately 16,000 townships, and more than 12,000 independent school districts, according to the US Census. There are also more than 37,000 special districts, such as water authorities, park districts and other public entities that perform vital functions and are under the auspices of municipal and county governments. Why exactly do we need a federal government if it subverts our national security, orchestrates an invasion, and targets political opponents?

If the federal government is bad at its few necessary functions, isn’t that the ultimate form of a government shutdown? And if confronting this budget embezzlement leads to a temporary disruption of some of its operations, what exactly are we missing?


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