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Homeless Vets Being Evicted from NY Hotels to Make Room for Illegal Migrants

Homeless Vets Being Evicted from NY Hotels to Make Room for Illegal Migrants

Homeless veterans in New York City have been left homeless once again as a result of a recent move by city officials to evict them from hotels where they have been staying for months. The reason for this move is to make way for illegal migrants who have been arriving in the city in large numbers in recent months.

The eviction of homeless veterans from these hotels has raised many questions about the priorities of the city and the nation when it comes to taking care of those who have served our country. These men and women have sacrificed their lives, their freedom and their homes to defend this country, and yet they are being pushed aside while others who have entered the country illegally are being prioritized.

The veterans, who have been living at the hotels enrolled in a program created earlier this year to provide temporary housing for homeless individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the program, the city has utilized vacant hotel rooms to provide shelter for homeless individuals, many of whom are veterans. However, now that hotels are being repurposed to house illegal migrants, these men and women are being evicted from the only safe haven they have had in months.

This move by the city is a clear indicator of where its priorities lie. Instead of providing long-term support to homeless veterans, the city is using them as placeholders as it houses illegal migrants. With the eviction of veterans from these hotels, it is clear that those who have served our country are not a priority for city officials.

The veterans are raising their voices against this move. They feel resentful of the fact that they have been left with nowhere to go while other migrants are being prioritized over them. It is frustrating to them that their service to the country is being overlooked in the process.

According to the veterans’ advocates, at least 120 veterans have been evicted from the hotels so far. And the situation keeps getting worse as more illegal migrants continue to be accommodated in the hotels. The veterans’ advocates say that some of their clients have been left with no option but to live on the streets or on the subways, where they are exposed to all sorts of dangers.

In conclusion, it is unacceptable that veterans, who have sacrificed so much for our country, are being left out in the cold. They should be given the same level of support, if not more, than those who have entered the country illegally. Evicting them from hotels, where they have been staying to make way for illegal migrants, is a gross injustice. The city and the nation must step up and take care of those who have served our country with honor, dignity, and sacrifice. They deserve no less.

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