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Holy Shlit – Trump Just Publicly Confirmed The US State Department Was Behind The Maidan Uprising In Ukraine – The Donald – America First

Now it is:

One Trump plus twenty twenty four (1 plus Trump 2024)

It used to be: T Diners twenty twenty (T$ 2020)

I voted for him once and will do so again. 1 more Trump 2024!

Peace through strength. And strength is not always a bend. It is doing what must be done to those who deserve it because of what has been allowed to happen in our country and around the world. This requires strength and integrity, which he has both, and the same with those faithful to the Constitution. America was not founded to be invaded by a bunch of loyal blue-blooded pedophiles protecting sacks of dog shit whose loyalty is not to country or to their oath.

Boy oh boy some motherfuckers gonna fry. Without detriment

It’s the depth they want to cook. They’ve been doing real shit behind people’s backs and the same end result without torture can be done humanely and in plain sight for them to screw up.

get your shit up To give up. Come clean and let’s move on. Many of you are in big trouble. You will be sentenced to death. Some of you will be in prison for a long time. Kill yourself, I don’t care. No one on earth would, except your family, but them knowing what you’ve done is probably worse in some cases. You cannot win and you will not survive World War III. I guarantee it.

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