Holiday Inn Worker Beats Himself Up But Keeps Mask On During Confrontation With Customer

Holiday Inn Worker Beats Himself Up But Keeps Mask On During Confrontation With Customer

A video shows a Holiday Inn Express worker beating himself in the head, smashing his head against a computer monitor, but being careful to ensure his face mask didn’t slip during a confrontation with a customer.

The clip shows the employee talking to an irate customer who blames him for apparently overcharging for his stay at the hotel.

The overwhelming reaction to the video has centered around the comments of the person who made it go viral on Twitter, Tariq Nasheed, self-proclaimed “world’s #1 Race Baiter.”

Nasheed immediately made the clip about race, tweeting, “A white Holiday Inn Express worker has a nervous breakdown after he got scolded by a Black customer because of a mistake in the reservation system.”

This prompted a Twitter backlash, with hundreds of people accusing Nasheed of promoting the bullying and harassment of someone with mental health issues.

However, what was missed in the heat of the debate was how the staffer’s complete lack of concern for his own physical well-being still didn’t override the cult-like programming that made him keep his mask on.

The employee repeatedly smacks himself in the head before throwing his head at full force into the PC screen.

However, his main concern after potentially seriously injuring himself is to re-adjust his face mask to ensure it covers his mouth and nose.

The employee continues to carefully make sure his face mask is being worn properly as the confrontation continues, before he walks away crying while complaining, “You ruined my whole life.”

It’s fascinating to observe how, despite obviously experiencing what to him was a traumatic incident, the staffer still strictly adhered to face masks rules.

As we highlighted earlier, many health experts are still trying to ensure mask mandates remain permanent beyond the pandemic.



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