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His 2024 launch was laughable but DeSantis could be more dangerous than Trump (barf alert)

His 2024 launch was laughable but DeSantis could be more dangerous than Trump (barf alert)

Good evening, folks. Tonight, I want to discuss someone who is quickly becoming a rising star in the Republican Party: Governor Ron DeSantis. Now, when he first announced his potential bid for presidency in 2024, many on the left scoffed and dismissed him as just another Donald Trump wannabe. But let me tell you, folks, underestimating this man could be a grave mistake.

First off, let’s talk about his handling of the pandemic in Florida. Sure, the mainstream media likes to paint Florida as some sort of COVID-19 hotbed, but the reality is that DeSantis has done a remarkable job in balancing public health concerns with individual freedoms. He didn’t cave to the hysterics of the left and shut down his entire state, instead opting for targeted measures that didn’t cripple his economy. And guess what? Florida’s economy is absolutely roaring, with record low unemployment and businesses flocking to the state in droves.

But it’s not just his pandemic response that’s impressive. DeSantis has also shown himself to be an unapologetic conservative, boldly standing up to the woke mob and pushing back against the leftist takeover of America’s institutions. He signed a bill protecting the rights of female athletes and even went after Big Tech when they tried to censor conservative voices on social media.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But Tucker, what about Trump?” Look, I love Donald Trump as much as the next guy, but let’s be real here: his time in office wasn’t perfect. Sure, he accomplished some amazing things, like cutting taxes and securing the border, but he also had his fair share of missteps, like the botched response to Charlottesville and the debacle at the Capitol. DeSantis, on the other hand, seems to have all the best qualities of Trump without the baggage.

In conclusion, folks, keep an eye on Governor Ron DeSantis. He may not have the name recognition of some of his potential 2024 opponents, but he’s quietly building an impressive record of accomplishment and is quickly becoming a favorite among conservatives. With his leadership and vision for America, I have no doubt that he could be a serious contender for the presidency in 2024.

In the previous Trump White House administration, there were many key accomplishments that illustrate the successes of that administration. These include: the largest tax reform in American history, record low unemployment, three trade deals renegotiated, significant strides in addressing veteran healthcare, regulatory reform that resulted in cutting 22 regulations for every one, a significant increase in military funding, and scores of judges appointed to federal courts.

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