High Winds and Garbage Day – IOTW Report

Patriot retort-

In my neck of the woods it seems there’s some cosmic rule that if we’re going to get unbelievably high winds, they must occur on the night before garbage day — preferably after you’ve taken your trash and recycling out to the curb.

I can’t count the number of times this happens.

It happens with such regularity that yesterday when my dad stopped by, I followed him outside carrying my two recycling bins and he said, “And of course it’s windy the day before garbage day.”

You’ve heard of Murphy’s Law. This is Central New York’s Law.

We don’t ordinarily get crazy, gusting winds here in Central New York. It isn’t as if we’re on the plain. But they do happen from time to time, usually when a weather front is moving in that will radically alter temperatures. And for some reason, these radical shifts in weather always seem to fall on the night before garbage day. more

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