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High school student slams school district for allowing boys in girls’ locker room after video emerges of trans student assaulting woman

A California high school student is suing her district for allowing boys into girls’ locker rooms and restrooms after a video recently surfaced of a biologically transgender student assaulting a female student.

Megan Simpkins, an 18-year-old who attends Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, California, addressed the school board last Thursday about a fight that broke out during lunch between a transgender student who was born “man” and a student.

The video, which went viral on social media, showed the transgender student dominating the girl during the fight. The two students have reportedly fought before.

The unnamed transgender student was also accused of showing “his genitalia” in the girls’ locker room.

MLK student Aiden Vermeir told KTTV that the trans student had been allowed to use the girls’ locker room and restrooms on campus.

“He spit on my friends who are girls, women. He shows his genitals in the dressing room,” Vermeir said.

During a school board meeting last week, Simpkins accused board members of failing to protect female students and endangering their safety by allowing biological males into female spaces.

“There was an incident in our district that happened recently in regards to a transgender woman, who is actually a biological male, who had an altercation with a young woman at MLK Middle School,” Simpkins said.

“It was outrageous when I saw the video on social media, but what was damaging about it is the fact that this man is and has been using the women’s toilet and changing room,” he added.

Simpkins asked why people are “affirming this guy’s mental confusion and endangering women’s safety by allowing mentally confused men to use women’s spaces.”

“Of course any man who claims to be a woman will accept that, but what about women? What about real girls like me who are women down to our DNA? Why can’t we ever say if we’re comfortable with that? she continued.

“The truth is we’re not, most of us aren’t, and yet nothing has been done to protect the safety of these women. I’ll end with this: it all starts with you. You are in charge of women’s safety Simpkins added.

The high school student urged the board to “do something about it.”

The Riverside Unified School District issued a statement addressing the altercation between the two students and safety concerns.

“Since the incident occurred, district staff have been working to ensure that the safety and rights of all students are considered and responded to promptly. We can verify that the student involved will no longer be attending King High School,” the district said in part.

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