He’s Gone Full RINO – The Donald

He’s Gone Full RINO – The Donald

Oswald was a shitbag and a half. All things considered, he’s far too convenient of a suspect.

Nobody has told the truth about what happened that day. Oswald may have been involved, maybe not. Probably didn’t shoot Kennedy, though he definitely shot that DPD cop later that day, and who the hell knows why.

Personally, I think there were multiple conspiracies in play, most of which were not necessarily aimed at killing JFK. My money’s on false-flagging a failed attempt to then pin on J. Edgar Hoover, since that prick’s enemies amounted to pretty much everybody. I suspect somebody who wanted Kennedy dead found that others had set everything up for them, so all they had to do was change the shooters’ orders to “Actually, don’t miss.” Then everyone else involved, who thought he was supposed to survive, goes into full “Oh Shit” Mode and starts covering their ass like there’s no tomorrow, hence the changing stories, hastily and sloppily destroyed/disappeared evidence, and whatnot.

Then again, I have an active imagination. Maybe I’m full of shit and they were all in on it the whole time. Or maybe we’re all full of shit and Oswald really did it all by himself. We’re never gonna know for sure. The cocksuckers made sure of that.

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