Here’s what President Trump needs to say at CPAC this weekend – Freedom First Network

Here’s what President Trump needs to say at CPAC this weekend – Freedom First Network

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With President Trump taking the stage at CPAC on Saturday, many are speculating about what he’s going to say. Is he going to announce his 2024 Presidential Campaign? Is he going to go all out scorched earth and expose the Deep State once and for all? Is he going to announce the launch of a third party or a social media platform? These rumors have all been circulating far and wide within Conservative circles, and only time will tell Trump’s game plan.

Instead of speculating on what he might say tomorrow, since I lack the ability to predict the future, I’m instead choosing to share with you what I believe Donald Trump SHOULD present tomorrow during his speech. The purpose of this speech should be to unite the Conservative Movement around his MAGA agenda and give us our marching orders.

First of all, President Trump needs to make ending election fraud Priority #1. If he has the proof that this election was stolen, he should just bring it right out and present it. However, the most important thing needs to be to expose exactly how corrupt the Election system actually is and what Conservatives need to do to get our country back to clean and fair elections.

The second topic he needs to highlight is draining the swamp within the Republican Party. The RINOs that are in control are attempting to take the GOP back to business as usual. We cannot tolerate that. If Republicans are going to succeed in saving America, it’s going to be through the embracing of the MAGA agenda. Anything short of that will lead to failure.

If we are going to take back the GOP, we are going to have to primary the RINOs and get them out of office. At the same time, we are also going to have to get true Conservatives in leadership positions within the party. We will not be able to succeed if we are constantly fighting against our own leadership.

The final point that President Trump needs to make is that the MAGA movement is a Big Tent movement. We need to focus on where we can build consensus. Again, if we are going to bring our nation back from the brink of extinction, we’ve got to prioritize the things that we can accomplish with majority support. Once we succeed in those priorities, we go to the next most unified positions and work our way up to the most divisive last. If we leap to the most divisive issues, we’ll never accomplish anything.

If I was advising President Trump, this would be my strategy for this speech. This would also be my strategy for the Conservative movement moving forward. Let’s unify around President Trump and his agenda. Let’s Make America Great Again.

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