HB 2058 – Gun Bill Vetoed by Kansas Governor ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

HB 2058 – Gun Bill Vetoed by Kansas Governor ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

HB 2058 was passed by the Kansas legislature by a wide margin. The bill created reciprocity for CCW permits from other jurisdictions, and a new class of concealed carry permits for 18-20 year olds, in addition to other provisions. Democrat Kansas Governor Laura Kelly vetoed it, saying that it would put more guns on school campuses. (The Epoch Times)

Screenshot of Governor Laura Kelly

The vote on HB 2058 was 80-43 in the Kansas State House and 30-8 in the State Senate to approve the bill.

Providing reciprocity for licenses to carry concealed handguns and creating a new class of concealed carry license for individuals 18 to 20 years of age, and creating the Kansas protection of firearm rights act to restore the right to possess a firearm upon expungement of certain convictions.

HB 2058, Kansas legislature

The reciprocity portion of the bill stated that anyone not a resident of Kansas, but holding a valid permit, would be allowed to carry their weapon in the state as long as they adhered to Kansas laws.

The bill specifies a valid license or permit to carry a concealed firearm issued by another jurisdiction is recognized in Kansas while such permit or license holder is not a Kansas resident.

The bill provides valid licenses or permits issued by another jurisdiction entitle the lawful holder only to carry concealed handguns as defined in Kansas law, and it requires such persons to act in accordance with Kansas laws while carrying a concealed handgun in the state.

The bill also states criminal provisions in continuing law prohibiting the carrying of a concealed firearm by persons under age 21 do not apply to residents of another state who are less than 21 years of age and lawfully carrying a concealed firearm pursuant to a recognized out-of-state license.

HB 2058 (Excerpt)

The bill also created two classes of CCW permits: standard ones for persons over 21, and provisional ones for those between 18-20. As we have stated previously, 18 -20 year olds are considered adults under the law in all 50 states. It allowed persons whose criminal records were expunged by the court to have their 2nd amendment rights restored.

HB 2058 wasn’t the only bill vetoed by Governor Kelly – she also vetoed two election integrity bills, and one that would have banned transgender athletes from competing in womens sports.

The Republican president of the Senate, Ty Masterson, accused the Governor of placating the “hard left.”

  Each of these common-sense measures were passed by strong majorities. Republicans will respond to the governor’s veto-a-rama with a veto-override-a-rama when we return in May.

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Ty Masterson, (R) Senate President

The Kansas legislature is set to return on May 3, and will take up the vetoes at that time. The Republicans hold a majority in both Kansas Houses, and may be able to override the veto.


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