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Greg Gutfeld Gives Amazing Defense of Tucker Carlson, Calls His Haters ‘Hall Monitor Failures’

Greg Gutfeld, the co-host of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” recently came to the defense of fellow Fox News host Tucker Carlson. In a monologue on his show, Gutfeld called out Carlson’s detractors and referred to them as “hall monitor failures.”

Gutfeld began his monologue by addressing the recent controversy surrounding Carlson’s comments about the Black Lives Matter movement and protests. Carlson had claimed that the protests were “definitely not about black lives,” but rather about “getting power.” These comments sparked backlash from critics who accused Carlson of espousing racist views.

However, Gutfeld was quick to dismiss these criticisms as unfounded and unjust. He argued that Carlson was simply expressing his opinion and that those who took offense to his remarks were overly sensitive and lacking in critical thinking skills. Gutfeld also pointed out that Carlson’s ratings had only increased since the controversy began, suggesting that his fans were not deterred by the backlash.

Gutfeld went on to criticize what he called the “cancel culture” that has become prevalent in modern society. He claimed that those who attempt to silence voices they disagree with are only doing a disservice to intellectual discourse and free speech. He also praised Carlson for his willingness to stand up against what he sees as political correctness run amok.

Finally, Gutfeld issued a challenge to Carlson’s critics, inviting them to come on his show and engage in a civil debate about the issues at hand. He warned, however, that those who refused to engage in such a dialogue would only further demonstrate their own cowardice and inability to engage in meaningful discourse.

Overall, Gutfeld’s defense of Carlson was forceful and passionate, as befits two hosts who have developed a loyal following among conservative viewers. While some may disagree with their views, there can be no denying their commitment to free speech and their willingness to stand up against those who would seek to silence them.

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