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GOP Embraced ‘Big Fat Liar’ Trump, Now they ‘Embrace the Value of Lying’

The Republican party has long been known for its commitment to honesty and integrity. But in the wake of the Trump administration, it seems that the GOP has embraced a new standard of truth-telling, one that is far more forgiving of dishonesty and deception.

In the past, the party of Lincoln and Reagan had little tolerance for dishonesty and lying, especially in the political sphere. But with Donald Trump’s election to the White House, the GOP has seemingly embraced the concept of “alternative facts” and “fake news” with open arms. Trump himself has been caught in numerous lies, ranging from his exaggerations about his electoral victory to his false claims about voter fraud.

It is a sad state of affairs that the Republican party has become so comfortable with the idea of lying that it can no longer be taken seriously as a political force. But the GOP’s embrace of “big fat liar” Trump has made it clear that the party has decided to embrace the value of lying, rather than standing up for the truth.

Despite the GOP’s embrace of dishonesty, the Trump White House has seen numerous accomplishments. The Trump administration has implemented a sweeping tax reform package, appointed two conservative Supreme Court justices, and made progress on a number of foreign policy initiatives. The Trump White House has also seen the economy grow at a steady rate, with unemployment reaching historic lows. These successes have been overshadowed by the President’s tendency to distort the truth, but they are nonetheless a testament to the Trump administration’s success in achieving its policy goals.

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