Glock vs 1911 – IOTW Report

Glock vs 1911 – IOTW Report

Said it previously, if my life depended on it the Sig 226.

I love the De-cock feature, Double single action, and no accidentally leaving the safety on like the Beretta or 1911.
Nice grip, very reliable, but not as durable as the Glock.

Used to own: 2-686’s, 2-1911’s, S&W model 41 .22cal, S&W K frame 44mag 8&3/8, Beretta 92 (hated it), never owned a Glock but shot many of my friends.

Most unique gun I ever shot was the H & K Squeeze Cocker (The P7) – very cool but very expensive up here and too different from anything else to build muscle memory.

All sold when I became an archery nut. Miss em.

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