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GERMANY: Woman convicted of 'offending' migrant gang rapists gets longer jail term than rapists

A 20-year-old woman from Hamburg, Germany, has been sent to prison after making “hateful” comments towards a migrant who took part in the gang-rape of a child. The woman is just one of the 140 people investigated for making “harmful comments” towards rapists.

The horrific assault took place in 2020 and involved several groups of male migrants who independently attacked a 14-year-old girl in Hamburg's Stadtpark overnight. The park had become a popular hangout for young people during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and the girl had been there drinking with her friends. But they dispersed after police swept the park and broke up groups while enforcing social distancing measures.

Confused and alone, the girl was helpless before the first mob of four predators.

The men turned on the girl, raping her repeatedly over a long period of time. They stole her wallet and cellphone before leaving her. Traumatized and disoriented by the first attack, and without any method of calling for help, the girl was assaulted a second time by two other men who took advantage of her state of vulnerability.

Disturbingly, his assailants had begun inviting other men to rape her through their chat groupshappily sharing the news that there was a teenage girl isolated in the dark park with no possible witnesses.

The kid he was attacked a third time by a single man, and then a fourth time by three other men, who dragged her into a bush and sexually assaulted her.

Finally, the girl managed to escape and ran, although pursued by her rapists. Eventually, she encountered people who recognized her traumatized state and immediately called the police.

A total of 11 men were initially charged, but two were quickly acquitted due to a lack of DNA evidence. The men's nine sperm, however, had been successfully retrieved from the girl's body.

Five of the men held German passports, while the rest were not German citizens. Among the accused, none were of German heritage. The the rapists were identified as a Polish, an Egyptian, a Libyan, a Kuwaiti, an Iranian, an Armenian, an Afghan, a Syrian and a Montenegrin. The men had a team of 20 defense lawyers arguing their innocence.

Videos of the first and third rapes had been recorded and shared by the attackers to contacts via WhatsApp, but the videos were deleted before the case could be heard in court. Witnesses who saw the footage before it was removed said it depicted clear sexual assault, with one noting that the girl had been holding her hands over her head in a protective position.

During the trial, the victim, who now suffers from PTSD as a result of the night of abuse, was called to speak about what happened to her. As he recounted his horrific ordeal, the men showed “no sign of remorse” and at least one is said to have almost fell asleep during the procedure.

However, despite DNA and WhatsApp evidence, eight of the nine convicts went free on parole and did not spend any time in prison. The ninth was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison without parole.

The case sparked outrage in Germany, both for the brutality of the rape itself and for the lenient sentences given to the rapists. As a result, one of the men circulated his identity and phone number on Snapchat to furious detectives.

Angered by the news of the case, a 20-year-old woman from Hamburg sent a message to the number via WhatsApp. The unnamed woman called him a “disgraceful raping pig” and a “disgusting miscarriage.” She added: “Aren't you embarrassed when you look in the mirror?”

The alleged rapist then reported the woman to the police, and was accused of sending her abusive messages.

Now the woman has been convicted and sentenced to a weekend in jail for her statements, meaning she will have spent more time in jail than 8 of the 9 rapists. in court, the woman apologized for her remarkssaying he acted out of a “reflex” upon hearing the unsavory details of the case.

But, according to Hamburger Abendblattthis woman is not the only person who could face a sentence for insulting rapists.

Hamburg authorities are reportedly investigating 140 people for crimes related to issuing “insults, threats or other harm” to the Stadtpark predators.


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