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George Jones’ Widow Is Furious Over Attacks on Jason Aldean: ‘Stop This Woke Crap!’

Title: George Jones’ Widow Is Furious Over Attacks on Jason Aldean: ‘Stop This Woke Crap!’


It’s no secret that the world of music often finds itself entangled in controversies, but sometimes, those controversies hit close to home. The widow of the country music legend, George Jones, is speaking out over recent attacks on musician Jason Aldean. Nancy Jones, a staunch defender of her late husband’s legacy, is furious and deeply disappointed with the criticism being levied against Aldean. In her powerful message, she implores people to re-evaluate their actions and put an end to what she calls ‘woke crap!’

A Closer Look at the Controversy

The controversy surrounding Jason Aldean began after he paid tribute to George Jones at the 2021 Country Music Association Awards. Aldean, a renowned country artist in his own right, performed a medley of Jones’ hits, showcasing his admiration for the late singer’s contributions to the genre. However, some critics took issue with Aldean’s delivery and accused him of not doing justice to the legacy of George Jones.

Nancy Jones, a steadfast believer in supporting fellow artists, was quick to defend Aldean from the harsh criticism. She argues that it is unfair to attack someone who, in her opinion, genuinely appreciates her late husband’s music.

Nancy Jones’ Response

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Nancy Jones addressed the attacks on Jason Aldean head-on, expressing her exasperation and condemning what she perceives as an overly sensitive culture. Her message serves as a rallying cry to put an end to the trend of tearing down artists based on subjective opinions and hypersensitivity.

Jones acknowledges that everyone is entitled to their own taste in music, emphasizing that George Jones’ music impacted countless lives in different ways. She goes on to express her gratitude to Aldean for paying tribute to her late husband on such a renowned stage, reiterating that he did not deserve the vitriol directed at him.

The Call for Unity and Respect

Nancy Jones urges the public to embrace unity, pointing out that music has the power to bring people together despite their differences. She emphasizes the importance of appreciating artists’ efforts, focusing on their intentions rather than nitpicking their performances. Jones believes that this divisive culture diminishes the power of music and undermines the legacies of those who have made significant contributions to the industry.

Furthermore, Jones highlights the need to separate personal opinions from objective reality, affirming that respect and support should be the default attitude towards artists who continue to shape the genre.


Nancy Jones’ impassioned defense of Jason Aldean in the wake of criticism over his George Jones tribute at the CMA Awards is a powerful reminder of the impact our words can have on artists and their legacies. Her plea for unity and respect should serve as a wake-up call for those engaging in unnecessary attacks.

As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of music and culture, it is crucial to remember that subjective opinions do not invalidate an artist’s efforts or their impact on a particular genre. It’s time to put an end to the “woke crap” and redirect our focus towards celebrating the artistry and contributions of those who dedicate their lives to creating music.

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