From Reader Jellybean- “What is the one question you would like answered before you die?” – IOTW Report

My question is unanswerable. First, I just read a story about a gravitational wave hitting earth that was said to originate seven BILLION light years from earth. I can’t fathom how far away that is in miles. So, that said, I’m going with the premise that between here and there multiple versions of intelligent life exists. I think in addition to that list of unknowns beings, I’ll add elephants and dolphins and maybe a gorilla or two. With that backstory, here’s my question: If it were possible to make a list of all the intelligence in our universe, a universe that extends billions of light years in all directions, and if said list was arranged by most intelligent brings to least intelligent, where would humans be placed on the list. Personally, I don’t think we’re so intelligent. We have far too many flaws, not to mention we’re measuring ourselves against ourselves. Anyway, I am certain we’re not #1. Probably, if such a list is one day created, it is likely our entry will say Earth Humans (extinct). Until then, we all at least get a Participant Trophy.

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