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Show me you’re not trolling. Tell me you support my body, my choice after birth WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTIONS. Come in.

But I will bite. Tell me you understand, for all intents and purposes, your brain works identically to a child’s. No, you haven’t thought about it? All right, I’m going to throw you another curveball. Let me make a virus to shut down your mitochondrial functions and we’ll talk about “separate bodies”. OK, I’ll throw you a BETTER one. Do you have ANY idea what happens to your body if your MICROBES are sterilized? No? I could explain it to you from every level: 3rd, 5th, 11th, college, graduate school, nursing school, medical school. If you’re not trolling and want to learn, I’ll dance with you.

It is ONE BODY. ONE organism supplies the other with ALL FOOD, ALL PROTECTION, ALL WASTE PROCESSING. Without the mother, the child DIES. Oh, I hear you cry, it’s not fair that the state has to protect children. And here you lost the game. ALL. the whole game You lost it. You are now a slave to the state and you will NEVER get out from under this rock.

You are dishonest and maybe worse, you are…stupid.

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