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Framing Joe Biden As A Loving Family Man & Hunter As A Victim [VIDEO]

In a recent interview between MSNBC propagandist Jen Psaki, formerly the Biden White House Press Secretary, and Claire McCaskill, a Democrat known for her controversial remarks, the pair attempted to pre-empt conservative arguments against the current administration.

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Psaki queried, “What accusations and arguments do you think they’re going to make, given this didn’t go exactly as planned today?” This question is obviously in reference to Hunter Biden’s day in court, where his sweetheart plea deal fell apart.

McCaskill replied with a rather controversial statement, suggesting that conservatives will “try to indict a Father for loving his son who has been addicted to drugs and or alcohol and without evidence of the Father doing anything other than loving that son.” This statement appears to be a pre-emptive deflection, preparing for conservative critique of a matter that the public is yet to see fully unraveled.

While McCaskill’s words can be interpreted as an attempt to humanize and generate sympathy for Hunter Biden, critics might see this as a convenient way to dismiss any potential misdeeds or ethical concerns that have already surfaced.

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Despite McCaskill’s passionate rhetoric, critics from the conservative side of the aisle would argue that public officials should be held accountable for their actions, regardless of personal struggles they or their families might face.

The conversation between Psaki and McCaskill seems to underscore the defensive stance many in the current administration and their supporters have taken amidst growing criticisms, yet it may also serve to stoke the very fires of controversy they appear to be trying to quell.

Meanwhile, Jesse Watters had this to say about what goes through some of the evidence…

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