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Fox Reportedly Not Happy With Inital Ratings For Primetime Reboot

Fox Reportedly Not Happy With Inital Ratings For Primetime Reboot

Title: Fox News Faces Challenges with Primetime Reboot: A Closer Look at Failing Ratings


In recent news, it has been reported that Fox News is facing a significant setback with its primetime reboot. After parting ways with popular host Tucker Carlson, the network attempted to revamp its lineup in hopes of improving its declining ratings. However, initial reports suggest that the reboot has not lived up to expectations. This article will delve into the details surrounding Fox News’ primetime reboot, explore the reasons behind their failing ratings, and analyze the impact of these developments on the network’s future.

I. The Decline in Ratings: A Regrettable Mistake

Fox News made a grave mistake when they decided to let go of Tucker Carlson, one of their most successful and influential hosts. Carlson, known for his conservative views and engaging presentation style, had consistently garnered impressive ratings for the network. However, in an attempt to revitalize their primetime programming, Fox News made the ill-fated decision to remove Carlson from their lineup. This move has since proved to be a costly error, as ratings began to plummet following the primetime reboot.

II. The Disastrous Primetime Reboot

According to reports, Fox News executives were left in a state of panic after the much-anticipated primetime reboot failed to live up to expectations. Chadwick Moore, a reliable source, shared on Twitter that the reboot was a “ratings disaster.” He further revealed that Sean Hannity, one of the network’s flagship hosts, lost to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow in the ratings race. Moreover, the 8:00 PM show only managed to attract 149,000 viewers from the key demographic, a significant drop compared to the numbers Tucker Carlson routinely brought in.

III. Unhappy Fox News Brass and Internal Discord

The poor ratings have left Fox News brass dissatisfied. Insider sources have confirmed that senior executives at the network are “not happy” with the performance of the primetime reboot. The dissatisfaction has also extended to Fox News sock puppet accounts, who are reportedly upset that the ratings have become public knowledge. This internal discontent raises questions about the decision-making process behind the primetime reboot and the network’s strategy moving forward.

IV. Analysis of Ratings Figures: A Grim Outlook

Gregg Re, the former head writer of Tucker Carlson Tonight, shed some light on the dire situation by sharing the actual ratings numbers. His analysis revealed that @JesseBWatters, a host featured in the primetime reboot, only managed to attract 161,000 viewers in the key 25-54-year-old demographic. This figure paled in comparison to Carlson’s consistent audience of over 400,000. Re also highlighted that Hannity experienced a significant drop, with only 150,000 demo viewers, a staggering 50,000 fewer than Maddow. Such dismal ratings paint a grim outlook for Fox News and suggest that the network may not have chosen the right hosts or time slots for their primetime lineup.

V. The Impact of Failing Ratings on Fox News

The struggling ratings are likely to have a profound impact on Fox News. As a network that heavily relies on advertising revenue, declining viewership may deter advertisers from investing in the network. Reduced advertising revenue could lead to budget cuts and potential layoffs, affecting the overall quality and diversity of programming. Additionally, failing ratings may also result in a loss of credibility and trust from viewers, tarnishing the network’s reputation as a reliable source of news.

VI. Strategies for Recovery: Moving Forward

To recover from this setback, it is crucial for Fox News to reevaluate its primetime lineup and make necessary adjustments. It is clear that replacing a successful host like Tucker Carlson comes with significant risks and challenges. The network must consider aligning its programming choices with the preferences and interests of its target audience. This may involve identifying new hosts who possess the same charismatic appeal and conservative viewpoints that resonated with viewers during Carlson’s tenure.


Fox News’ primetime reboot has faced a tumultuous start, with disappointing ratings leaving network executives in a state of panic. The decision to part ways with Tucker Carlson, a highly regarded host, has proven to be a costly mistake. The declining viewership not only threatens the financial stability of the network but also raises concerns about its future credibility and standing in the media landscape. Moving forward, Fox News must adopt effective strategies to recover from this setback and reclaim its position as a leading news network.

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