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‘Fox News is on a downward spiral’: Megyn Kelly says Tucker Carlson’s departure has caused an ‘existential crisis’ for the network

‘Fox News is on a downward spiral’: Megyn Kelly says Tucker Carlson’s departure has caused an ‘existential crisis’ for the network

According to former Fox News anchor and podcaster Megyn Kelly, the recent departure of Tucker Carlson, who was arguably Fox News’ most popular host, could put the network in serious trouble. On a recent episode of his podcast, Kelly declared that Carlson was the “one unique draw” that Fox News had before the network announced his departure. Morning show co-host Brian Kilmeade took over hosting duties after Carlson left, but his show’s ratings saw a significant drop from the numbers Carlson had gotten the previous week and in March.

During her Friday radio show, Kelly alleged that Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott stated that Carlson would not be allowed to continue on her show and that she had been denied access to the account company email address. Kelly also claimed that Carlson had not actually been fired by the network, citing an anonymous source.

Former Top Fox News Anchor and Insider Megyn Kelly Reveals Tucker Hasn’t Quit Fox Yet: Here’s What’s Really Going On…

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) April 27, 2023

“Fox News is in a downward spiral that they’re going to have to claw their way out of. This is an existential crisis for the channel and their prime time, which is how they make money… They live off their schedule prime time and the food has dried up,” he said.

“You don’t need Fox anymore,” continued Kelly, who left Fox News in 2017. “They’re not the conservative media monopoly they used to be, they just aren’t. And so you take away the unique voice, the only thing that really is different there. Tucker’s different, he just sees things from different angles. . . . They’re taking away the unique, truly unique draw that they had.”

With the departure of Tucker Carlson, Fox News is “taking away the only, truly unique, draw that they had,” Kelly added. He also told Sky News that Tucker will likely “overtake” the Fox News audience, but that it will take “a while” to “get there”. He added: “It’s a much more authentic and real business model – I think Tucker will thrive.”

Carlson himself posted a video on April 26, in which he did not address the situation surrounding his departure, whether he was fired, or the reasons given. Instead, he criticized the state of American media in general, accusing news organizations of focusing on trivial issues that have little lasting impact.

Good afternoon

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) April 27, 2023

“The other thing you notice when you take some time off is how incredibly stupid most of the debates you see on TV are,” he said. “They’re completely irrelevant. They don’t mean anything. Five years from now, we won’t even remember we heard them. Trust me, as someone who was involved.”

“Where can you still find Americans saying real things?” he asked. “There are few places left, but there are enough of them. As long as you can hear the words, there is hope. See you soon.”

America can’t wait to see what Tucker Carlson does next.

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