Forward to the Industrial Revolution! – IOTW Report

Forward to the Industrial Revolution! – IOTW Report

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I keep saying that people who call themselves Progressive always seem to want to take us backwards.

In the name of “progress,” they have once again embraced the racial discrimination of the past.

In the name of “progress,” they are once again making the same argument about some races being incapable of intelligence and learning that was advanced by eighteenth century taxonomist Carl Linneaus.

In the name of “progress,” they have regressed to the point of believing that an angry Mother Earth punishes us with hurricanes and wildfires.

In the name of “progress,” they want to return to the time of Inquisition — treating anyone who doesn’t “believe” in the state-sanctioned religion of “science” as a heretic.

You would think someone who calls himself a Progressive wouldn’t be so bloody focused on sending us back to an earlier time.

Then again the Left has stripped words of meaning. When “anti-racists” are some of the biggest racists out there, and “infrastructure” no longer means roads, bridges and dams, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that “Progressive” no longer means making progress.

Despite what we were led to believe, Progressive doesn’t mean kicking the dust of the past off our shoes and stepping into a bright and better future.

It means going backwards.

Case in point, Progressive Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg:

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