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Former CIA ghost booed off stage in Iowa after attacking Trump, who dominated the day…

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As the 2024 GOP primary heats up, all eyes are on Iowa and New Hampshire. President Trump burst into Iowa like a political tornado with a clear focus on his targets: Biden and DeSantis. Many would say he got what he came for there. However, it was not without a lot of fireworks and fanfare. One of the highlights of the Iowa caucus was when former CIA spook Will Hurd was booed off stage for claiming Trump was only running for the nomination to avoid jail time.

Candidates gathered in Iowa for the famous Lincoln Dinner and to run in the “first in the nation” caucus. President Trump, the undisputed leader of the Republican Party, of course, needed no introduction.


Donald Trump needed only 10 minutes to demonstrate why his growing pile of criminal charges is still not loosening his grip on the Republican presidential race and why his opponents will find him so hard to beat.

The former president’s growing legal peril hung over Friday’s first showing with all the GOP front-runners on the same stage: an American Idol-style audition in Iowa, the nation’s first caucus state.

But his closest rivals have been reluctant to raise a legal tangle that threatens to be a liability in a general election if Trump is the nominee for fear of alienating his still massive grassroots support. Minor candidates with far less to lose faced the stampeding elephants in the room, but were rewarded with silence or a torrent of boos.

While the other candidates were feverishly clamoring for a piece of the media pie, President Trump arrived in Iowa with all the power and political presence you’d expect, especially as he entered his Iowa campaign headquarters.

Some would argue that the other candidates have been putting crowds to sleep, so Trump decided to wake them up.

Trump opened his speech with the best line ever.

He also laid out his “day one” Save America plan, to help get this country back on track.

Trump also promised to make child mutilation illegal in all 50 states.

Trump touted his accomplishments in flipping more than 200 counties that voted twice for Obama, and 31 of those counties are in Iowa. In pure Trump fashion, he also reminded everyone how far behind he is in the polls. It’s a track freight train at this point.

If this campaign event showed us anything, it’s that President Trump has an inverse grip on the nomination, and indictments and threats of jail time only make that grip tighter.



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