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Fentanyl Is A Front In The War Against CCP | Col. John Mills On Major Muscle Moves To Counter CCP

Fentanyl Is A Front In The War Against CCP | Col. John Mills On Major Muscle Moves To Counter CCP

Fentanyl Is A Front In The War Against CCP | Col. John Mills On Major Muscle Moves To Counter CCP

The global illegal drugs market generates over $300 billion annually, with fentanyl being one of the most dangerous drugs flooding the streets. In recent years, fentanyl has been causing numerous overdose deaths in various countries. The drug is devastating communities by destroying families, fueling crime, and destabilizing economies.

In the midst of this crisis, analysts believe that there is a link between fentanyl and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Chinese government has been accused of producing and shipping massive quantities of the drug to various countries, including the United States. The fact that fentanyl is mostly produced in China and then smuggled into other countries cannot be ignored.

CCP’s involvement with fentanyl can’t be overlooked, and it has made it a front in the war against CCP. The CCP’s involvement in fentanyl is a clear indication that it is more than a matter of public health; it represents a significant threat to national security. China’s vast supply chain of fentanyl not only profits the CCP but also weakens the economies of importing countries. It’s a classic example of a shared responsibility issue.

In an interview with Col. John Mills, he confirmed that fentanyl is one of the significant concerns the US government has with the CCP. Col. Mills is a veteran of the US Army and a senior fellow for national security at the American Foreign Policy Council. He has been counteracting CCP influence in the United States for years.

According to Col. Mills, fentanyl is a part of the CCP’s overall economic warfare aimed at undermining US and Western democracies. Mills says that “China weaponizes everything it can use against the United States,” and fentanyl is no exception.

The US Government has taken several muscle moves to counter CCP’s use of fentanyl as a weapon. One of the significant steps is to focus on reducing demand for fentanyl in America. This includes education, prevention, and treatment programs aimed at reducing substance abuse disorder, which is the leading cause of overdose deaths.

The US Government has also imposed tariffs on Chinese goods, including synthetic opioids, to limit the CCP’s access to the US market. It has also strengthened law enforcement cooperation between the two countries, leading to several successful operations that have seized millions of dollars in fentanyl.

Col. Mills believes that the US government’s actions are taking place within the framework of broader efforts to counter CCP’s threat to US national security and global influence. He says the United States is pushing back on all fronts, including diplomacy, trade, investment, military presence, public opinion, and international alliances.

In conclusion, fentanyl is a front in the war against CCP, and it is clear that the CCP’s involvement in it extends beyond the public health issue. The CCP’s involvement in fentanyl production and smuggling undermines national security and continues to destabilize economies, placing millions of citizens at risk. It’s essential to continue pushing back against the CCP’s illicit activities while focusing on providing education, prevention, and treatment for substance abuse disorders. This is America’s challenge in the fight against fentanyl and the CCP.

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